Dr. Trevy Mcdonald

“Commit to your dream and the desired resources are provided now” is a quote that the self published author Dr. Trevy Mcdonald said to us while visiting our class. Her story was cool because she took a risk which is something a lot of people are afraid to do. Her risk was going out on a limb and self publishing her book with little help from others. As far as publishing her book herself she had a lot of ups and downs but she never gave up. She chased her dreams by committing to them and everything that she needed came to her in some way. I feel like once you put your all into something God will make a way for you to succeed and her story definitely portrays that. Mcdonald’s first self published book was “Time Will Tell”, since then she has co-edited a number of anthologies and co-authored a book on how to start your own publishing company titled “How to Win the Publishing Game”.  Dr. Trevy Mcdonald  is definitely an inspiration and I am glad I got to hear her speak.


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