The Scoop.


The Silent Sam Confederate Monument on the campus of UNC has recently drawn some protestors who feels that it represents a racist past that continues in some areas today. The monument was made for alumni who died in the civll war.


An ECU freshman and Athens Drive High school alum drowned this past weekend in Atlantic Beach. 19 year old Braxton Horton better known as Philly was swimming with several other people on saturday and got dragged out to the ocean by rip currents and was swept under. He was loved by many and always had a smile on his face no matter what, RIP Philly.


A deadly poultry slaughterhouse fire kills 119 people and injures at  least 70 people in Beijing, China. The fired supposedly started from an ammonia leak. The chemical is used as part of the cooling system in meat processing plants. A lot of workers did not escape because there was only one exit door unlocked. This accident sheds light on the lack of safety standards for workers in china and it is one of the worst recent industrial disasters.


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