Anesnah Design & Marketing

Today my class had the opportunity of listening to two wonderful ladies speak to us about their company and their journey. Ms. Dwan Jones and Joy Mickel were different from all the other speakers we’ve had because they’ve had so many different jobs and experiences that wasn’t just in mass comm . Ms Joy Mickel in particular told us how she worked a lot of temp jobs an learned from each them. She was indeed a hustler. Both Jones and Mickel started off doing something different and ended up in design. Jones started in PR and Mickel graduated with a History degree (Which was interesting). I am not going to babble on about everything they spoke about but I will give you two quotes that stood out “Being in Mass Comm your the jack of all trades.”- Jones and “understand what you don’t know but don’t be afraid of it.”- Mickel. I always hearing something about being the jack of all trades I’m thinking thats some clarification from the big man upstairs. Any who these women were very wise and I appreciate listening to them today. I am wishing to intern with them so I can learn more about design.

PS. peep the company’s website


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